Biology department was established in 26.06.1990. Students were admitted to the undergraduate program in 1991-1992 academic year and biology department gave first graduation in July 1995. The students were accepted to the second education program in 1992-1993 and this program was terminated in 2012-2013.
Our Mission
To educate students who can think scientifically and multidimensional, and produce information and technology
To acquire the qualifications our graduates will need in their life
To educate individuals who take into account the values of society, who have the responsibility of contributing to our cultural, scientific and economic wealth and who respect ethical values
To teach students basic concepts and ways of reaching to information and knowledge
To take necessary precautions to increase research and development and innovation activities
To provide physical infrastructure for development
To improve collaborations with official institutions and private companies
Our vision
It is the main elements of our vision to contribute to the world science by producing the most advanced knowledge with the studies in basic sciences beside education, research, development and innovating activities.
Beside the young, dynamic and enthusiastic faculty members who believes that a solid and steadily developing infrastructure and education and total quality will start with the quality of education, a student profile who thinks, researches, inquires, produces solutions are aimed.  At the end of the next decade, it is aimed to be a department reinforced with its place in the world with its developing disciplines
Academic Staff
The academic staff of the department consist of 11 professors, 5 associate professors, 1 assistant professor, 3 research assistants and 2 experts.
Major Disciplines
General Biology
Molecular Biology
Job Opportunities for Graduated Students
Some of the students graduated from our department are working as teaching staff in different universities, and majority of them are teachers in primary and secondary education. In addition, we have a large number of graduate students employed in health institutions. Due to its close relationship with fields such as Pharmacy, Food Engineering, Medicine, Veterinary, Agriculture etc., the necessary knowledge and experience are provided to enable our students to work in these fields as well. Since spring semester of 2010, teaching lessons have started to be taught to provide our students with the certificate of teaching formation.
Laboratories and Research fields
There are a large number of students who have graduated from the graduate and doctorate programs of Erciyes University Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences.  Research and student laboratories have a modern infrastructure. Our laboratories have the appropriate infrastructure and technological equipment for advanced studies and we have also laboratories for practical applications of the courses.  Several projects from different sources such as GEF, FAO, TUBITAK, and DPT are carried out with participation of graduate students in our department and cooperations with universities, research laboratories and centers in national -international level are being carried out.
In our department, there are 8 research laboratories, 1 herbarium, 3 student laboratories, 6 classrooms and 1 meeting room. Classrooms and laboratories have modern equipments. Computer and internet facilities are available in all classrooms and interactive course resources, animations and video images are also utilized in the courses. In the undergraduate and graduate programs of the department, a large number of compulsory and elective courses are taught in a wide range of different fields of biology.
Compulsory courses total credit
Elective Courses total Credit
Credits for graduation
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