Erciyes University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Mathematics Department was founded in 1984 with 4 Teaching staff and a research assistant, and the same year, 20 students started teaching undergraduate education. Graduate and doctoral programs were opened in 1985. There are six divisions in the department.
Currently there are 16 faculty members, 7 professors, 7 associate professors, 2 assistant professors, 1 lecturer, 8 research assistants and 1 administrative staff in the department.
Our Mission
The mission of the mathematics department  is to provide a good education and training within the framework of a curriculum. Moreover, the department will contribute to the development of the students as mathematical thinkers by developing skills in logic and problem solving.
Our Vision
Our mission is to increase the quality of education and research in mathematics; to be a center of  high quality instruction and  a wide range of areas of mathematical research.
Undergraduate education consists of 8 semesters (4 years). Students in this programme have to take lectures at least 30 ECTS (minimum 240 ECTS in total) each semester. At least 10 of these courses are elective courses.  Students who complete this process receive bachelor's degree. Students in the first six semesters can take courses such as Analysis, Topology, Algebra, Differential Equations, Abstract Mathematics, Analytic Geometry in common.
Master education degree is designed to be completed in two years consisting of a lecture and a thesis period. Candidates who comply with the criteria of the graduate school of natural and applied sciences can attend the interview, and successful candidates are accepted as master students
PhD education degree consists of four lecture semesters and four-semester thesis, in which total eight semesters (4 years).  Candidates who comply with the criteria of the graduate school of natural and applied sciences can attend the interview, and successful candidates are accepted as master students. 
We have five main divisions in our department:
  1. Analysis and Functions Theory
  2. Algebra and Numbers Theory
  3. Geometry
  4. Applied mathematics
  5. Topology
  6. Mathematical Basics and Logic
Physical Area
There are  nine classrooms, two of which are undergraduate courses and the other are graduate courses. There are 5 projectors in our classrooms. At the same time, there are 3 computer laboratories in our faculty that can be used by our students.
Our academicians and graduate students of our department give a conference during the academic year. In addition, invited scientists  from different universities and institutions come to our department to give conference during the semester. Schools or departments that wish to visit the department or invite our faculty members can contact us using the contact information on our website.
Institutions where our graduates can work
Students graduated from our department have various business opportunities in public and private sectors. For example, academics in universities, financial institutions,
in the ministry, the Turkey Statistical Institute (TUIK), in banks, a teacher in public and private schools, undertake tasks such as teaching in classrooms that prepare students for various exams.
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