Our Faculty produced new graduates

Our Faculty has produced 2017-2018 academic year graduates. Within the scope of the graduation programme, 71 students graduated from the five departments.

Together with many students and academicians, Rector Prof. Dr Muhammed Güven, Vice Rector, Prof. Dr Murat Doğan, Prof. Dr Nafiz Kahraman, and Prof. Dr Kurtuluş Karamustafa, Dean of the Science Faculty, Prof. Dr. İlhan Öztürk attended the graduation programme was held at the garden of our faculty.

Dean of the Science Faculty, Prof. Dr. İlhan Öztürk, informed the audience about the faculty. Prof. Dr Öztürk said that “the Science Faculty has an important reservoir in the ranking of the academic publication. Every year, our Faculty hold a position in the first three of this ranking in our University. According to the information that we gathered from the Data Management System of Erciyes University, the number of total publication that our University produced in the last five years until the end of 2017 is 32091. Our Faculty comes third in this total publication ranking with 4051 papers. Proportionately, meaning that publication per person, our faculty comes first in the ranking. Again, in the last five years, the number of total projects that carried out in our University is 2887, and the total received citation number is 102622. Our Faculty has the third rank in the interfacility project ranking with 433 projects, and the second rank in the interfacility citation ranking with 28166 citations”.

In his speech, Rector, Prof. Dr Muhammed Güven wished success to the students for their lives after the graduation.

In the graduation ceremony, the first honour student, Rüveyda Ateş, received graduation plaque.

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