Scientific publishing, promotions and ethics in Turkey

Science Faculty of the Erciyes University (ERU) held a conference on “Scientific publishing, promotions and ethics in Turkey.”

Together with many students and academicians, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Murat Doğan, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Karamehmet Yıldız, and  Dean of the Science Faculty Prof. Dr. İlhan Öztürk have attended this event.

In the opening speech, Dr. Mehmet Doğan told that he had taken pride in being selected as a research university. Dr. Doğan said “It is good to receive the name of a research university. However, I believe there is no meaning of it if we cannot fill in this name. Therefore, this is a relay race. We need to take our university one or two steps forward as much as possible.”

After the opening speech, Emeritus Prof. Dr. Metin Balcı of Middle East Technical University gave his talk about “scientific publishing, promotions and ethics in Turkey”.

The event was concluded after presenting University's tile vase to Prof. Dr. Metin Balcı by Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Karamehmet Yıldız.

Click the link for the video.

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