Astronomy and Space Sciences Department has been founded with the decision of the Council of Higher Education of Turkey, on February 17, 1998. Department accepted its first students in the academic year of 2003-2004 and started its educational activities with 29 undergraduate students. Master programme has been opened in the 2006-2007 academic year. Since 2019 totally 22 Master theses have been supervised. PhD programme opened in August 2014 and educational activities have started from 2014-2015 academic year. There are one Full Professor, 4 Assoc. Prof., 3 Assist. Prof., 2 Research Assistants with PhDs completed, and one instructor, who is assigned to work in UZAYBİMER, in our department. Besides, there is one post-doc researcher who is hired with the ERU-DOSAP project.
Our Vision
We aim to become a department which is leading the fields of Astronomy and Space Sciences and particularly Radio Astronomy while being in cooperation with different disciplines, and the best department in the field in Turkey.
Our Mission
Our mission is to serve while protecting our leading position in the fields of education and research in Astronomy Sciences. To reach this goal we aim to;
- Educate students in the fields of astronomy and especially in radio astronomy
- Train successful individuals who can be up to doing scientific research or practical astronomy.
Undergraduate education consists of 8 semesters (4 years). Students in this programme need to complete lectures of total 136 credits (240 ECTS) which contain 20 credit from elective and 116 credit from must courses. Students who complete this process receive bachelor's degree. In addition to our bachelor programme, our students can do minor in Physics or Mathematics. To enrol in such a schedule, the academic grade-point average (GPA) of students needs to be at least 2.50/4.00.
Master education degree is designed to be completed in two years consisting of a lecture and a thesis period. Candidates who comply with the criteria of the graduate school of natural and applied sciences can attend the interview, and successful candidates are accepted as master students.
PhD education degree consists of four lecture semesters and four-semester thesis, in which total eight semesters (4 years). Candidates who comply with the criteria of the graduate school of natural and applied sciences can attend the interview, and successful candidates are accepted as master students.
We have three main divisions in our department:
  • General Astronomy division
  • Astrophysics division
  • Satellite and Space Sciences division
Physical Area
There are five classrooms, 16 academician offices, one head of department office, and one conference room in our department.
Our academicians and graduate students of our department give a conference every week in every semester. Moreover, during the semester, scientists from different universities and institutions that we are in touch come to our department to give a conference. Besides, our administrations are continuing as a part of visiting programme to Kayseri and nearby cities. Schools who want to visit our department or invite our one of the academicians can contact us by filling the forms on our website.

Department Introduction Parties
Beginning of all academic semester, we held a department introduction parties to coalescence of our students and academicians.
Institutions where our graduates can work
Students graduated from our department can work at the universities (Erciyes University, Ankara University, Atatürk University, Ege University, İstanbul University, 18 Mart University) in the academic field. Apart from this, most of our graduates are working at the private teaching schools, Science Centers and also different institutions such as Banks, Aviation and Space Technologies Directorate General, Turkish State Meteorological Service, Turkish Statistical Institute, and General Directorate of Security. Besides, some of our graduates are working at some institutes Information and Communication Technologies Authority, Turkish Radio and Television Corporation, and TURKSAT that together we are carrying out some projects.
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Faks : (352) 437 49 33
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E-Posta : fenerciyes.edu.tr
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