The department of chemistry was opened under the Science and Literature Faculty established in 1982 and started student admission in the 1984/1985 academic year. The Faculty was
named as the Faculty of Science after the social sciences departments were connected to the Faculty of Literature, which opened in 2010. The Faculty of Science includes five departments: Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Astronomy and Space Sciences. The Department of Chemistry consists of six disciplines: Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry and Biochemistry.
In these disciplines, Turkish undergraduate, graduate and doctoral education and English master's education are provided. With a little extra effort or summer lessons, this period can be reduced to seven semesters.
Our Vision
The aim of the Department of Chemistry is to improve the quality of life for everyone through advances in science and technology by providing excellence in education and research.
Our Mission
The department takes it as a duty to protect and develop the high level that modern and interdisciplinary chemistry provides in most areas. In this direction, it strives to increase cooperation with other disciplines, especially physics, biology, materials science, engineering and medicine.
Erciyes University, The Department of Chemistry has been a leader in chemistry education since its establishment. Our department offers all undergraduate, graduate and doctoral
students unique opportunities such as courses that can appeal to different fields, research opportunities and rich social life. Chemists trained at Erciyes University provide services at all levels, from chemistry teachers and academics to the development and production of basic necessities of society.
The education for undergraduate level is planned for eight semesters (four years) and requires 240 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). Student procedures for master's and doctoral education are provided through Erciyes University, Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. The graduate program has four semesters including two semesters of lectures and two semesters of thesis work. Details of these programs can be accessed via the relevant internet links.
Research is a great way to learn more about chemistry. Research will shed light on the concepts students learn in the classroom. Through such studies, they will gain a better understanding of the laboratory environment, instrumentation and data analysis, as well as the skills of writing reports, preparing presentations and discussing scientific discussions with others. Erciyes University, Department of Chemistry continues to work to double the number of existing four students and ten research laboratories in the near future. The Department of
Chemistry offers many opportunities for students to gain research skills. Working on undergraduate, graduate and doctoral dissertations, preparing lecture term papers, or taking
part in research projects conducted by faculty members can be given as a few examples.
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