Dear Academic and Administrative Staff, Dear Students,
The Faculty of Sciences of Erciyes University established in 1984 with five Natural Science departments: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology and Astronomy and space sciences. By providing a high-standard undergraduate and graduate education to students, researching and publications, all departments of our faculty makes contributions in national  and global level to our country’s goal  to reach the level of modern civilization and to create a society with high welfare. I am grateful to each of our staff who have contributed academically and administratively in this process, retired and passed on to eternity, and our current and previously graduated students.
Basic sciences are 'pioneers of science' and constitute one of the research-oriented fields. It examines natural phenomena through the observation, testing and use of scientific methods. It plays a very important role in innovation; creates a source of knowledge to understand nature, explains the most fundamental objects, forces, relations between them and the laws that govern them; It facilitates the work of applied sciences. Basic sciences constitute the most important dynamism of a nation's progress and bright future. It is one of the issues that should not be neglected.
Dear Students, we are proud of our distinguished scientists who stand out in the field of basic sciences in our country and all over the world with their scientific achievements, as we did in the past. If you want to be on this honor list, choose a career to be the best in basic sciences. Career is more than just making money for a living.  On our website, you will have the opportunity to get to know our faculty and your department together with the information you will need throughout your education. Altogether, we hope to contribute to the achievement of the goals by creating corporate synergy with employees who are highly motivated and affiliated in line with the mission and vision (goal) of our university and faculty. It cannot be denied that we need the trust, love and contributions of you and our stakeholders to achieve the best.
With my love and respect.
Prof. Dr. Nusret AYYILDIZ
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